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week 9 – who is da boss


Caretaking is like a box of chocolates, you never know who you will be talking to each morning.  It is sometimes funny and sometimes heartbreaking.  Alziemers is a complex disease, and it is teaching me compassion.

As a child the mother I m taking care of was a violent person. The damage both physical and mental changed how I saw the world.

I realized my similarities to her, and I hated it. So I struggle to be a caregiver to someone I don’t want to be anything like, I am in my own prison. The confinement hinders my happiness.  The pressure brings anxiety. No matter what I do, I couldn’t seem to break free from those hurts.

Then the light bulb went on, just love her and I will be my own person. I choose every day to be whole, perfect, strong, powerful harmonious and happy, like the great I am, who created all. I was made in his image. The spiritual I is intertwined with my spirit, whose greatest weapon is love.

I choose love, not violence.

I am a dynamic explorer

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