Think Locally, Grow Globally

Week 8 -Ramblings of my future self


Today I sit and look at a small flat stone in my hand that says “Be still and know” Psalm 46:10, and I wonder about the connections that Master Key Experience and the words of the carpenter from Galilee, lead me to new levels of wonder, awe, and eventual understanding.

Maybe it is strange, as  I stand under the stars walking with my dog and I  wonder if thousands of years ago others look at this same vast sky and wondered how did this glorious vision happen into existence.

This week I am visualizing the deconstruct of a battleship. In my day to day life and am looking at snowflakes, skies, stars and wondering how they knew what shape they would be. So intricate and complex, and each so different. I look at the pillows on my couch and wonder who made them, how long did it take?

Thoughts, are bubbling and percolating around my head, Is this vibration of thought?

I am unfolding to another level.

Click the light is on, or crack more cement coming off.


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