Think Locally, Grow Globally

Week 7 Pivotal needs- We all have them


What are your needs?

What I  need is different than what I  want. A need is a non-negotiable physical, personality or lifestyle trait that I  must have in a partner/ partnership or relationship in order to be happy. A want is ultimately negotiable.   Often times, I  know what I  need to make me happy, but I carelessly cast those needs aside because I  believe and stuff of the red pencil syndrome, that I  am asking for too much.  Am I  letting my fears push into my subconscious?  I  need what I  need and accepting anything less is akin to accepting a substandard relationship. If it is an authentic need, then I  know that I  deserve it, and I use the forces available to me to manifest the better version of me and better version of life as I know it.

I think about the time that I  invested, chasing a want.

I think about the missed opportunities.

Decide what I need and just key it.


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