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Week 6 – Scroll 2- Love


My Mom is changing into someone else’s parent. She is afraid of everything as she continues her journey into the unknown.

My mom is 92 years young, and talks to my Dad everyday, now this is the fantasy part because he has passed away, and tells me of their adventures in the nursing home and their plans to buy a new home and I can come and live with them, in my old bedroom.

I agree and say that is a great idea, we look at real estate listings everyday.

I am told by professionals that I need limitless amounts of patience and understanding.

So, this brings me to, caregiving for my mom with dementia. I see a parallel with MKE, she is creating a new world where she is not afraid and believing her desire will come to fruition. The subconscious mind never sleeps, right.

Reminiscing and agreeing to stories that sound like fantasies, this is explained as keeping the peace and not making my mom feel agitated or embarrassed. My mom can pick up on my emotions, so very important to make her feel loved and valued.

I think of the alliances, where I share struggles, victories, and tips and I feel so much love and encouragement from my MKE peeps.

Lightening bolt, I am sharing the second scroll of OG, love is my greatest weapon.

Does not matter if you have dementia or not, we all need to be treated with love and encourage each other in this life. I suspect many of us are already doing this?

Reading scroll 2 every day, three times a day, and I live out daily “Love is my greatest weapon.”

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