Think Locally, Grow Globally

Week 20- the teacher/student relationship


It is surreal, I am in a discussion with my mentor and suddenly realize the roles have switched. No longer are we student and mentor, it is flowing both ways…it arrived effortlssly without me knowing it was coming.

I shouldn’t say effortlessly, I am a driven force to learn and crack cement…the aha moments pondering God’s word, the principles I live my life by and the new knowledge I seek, has produced a wisdom that suddenly seems bewildering on its arrival.

A thunderstruck bolt of clarity, why does it seem I have walked a huge block just to turn a corner. The simplicity of it all seems and has always been buried deep within me…I have believed the lies the world has fed me.

The old mentor has been replaced by a new mentor, and an unfolding of a new level of consciousness awaits. It is like a boulder rolling downhill, get out of the way people, I cannot control the direction ( I live by the compass), I am loving the ride and so blissfully happy.

I am madly scribbling service cards, piling up the actions leading to the pinnacle of this season of my life.

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