Think Locally, Grow Globally

Week 20- The person I intend to become


The person I intend to be, well she would be elegantly confident, taking time to make decisions. So I am quietly thinking, no rash unthought out crazy decisions.

This week I almost bought a new house and sold my summer spot on the lake, for a short-sighted temporary challenge, old blueprint had a pop-up.  My thought was to buy a home that would work for my mom and myself.  I was also going to retire and take full-time care of my mother.

I am thinking of solutions,  do I have my mother live with me, quite a challenge to take on.  Do I place her in a nursing home with my Dad? After my Dad leaves us, she will be living with strangers.  She loves her little apartment with the sunny balcony.  So today, I turned down the offer of a room in the same nursing home with my Dad. Now I have been taken off the lists and can not reapply for 12 weeks. But, I am feeling at peace, I haven’t solved a thing.  I now have time to breathe, think, sit and meditate, wait for the truth to reveal itself.  It is within me to find the answer.  World within is my world without.

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