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Week 19 – Franklin makeover


My virtue this week is specialized knowledge, seems I am noticing a new work process, how to read the “how to’s” manual in my immediate world of new computer system and the hands on mechanism of a new snow blower. I authentically complimented my daughter on her polished and excellent phone skills, she said thanks but came back to me 2 days later , to tell me how special those words made her feel, give more get more.   The universe delivered me a huge kindness, the snow blower dealership came to my house, fixed my snow blower and completely cleaned my snow filled driveway, I feel so blessed to drive in a clean driveway after a day of running errands, well it is a feeling I can hardly describe, well yes, I can I got out of my car and jumped up and down like  a little kid.  I could just kiss him. Living in a way that has you loving, giving and helping others  in any way you can, well it gives a peace that transcends all understanding. I marvel at this new life I have found, I believe in me, my new life  and I am bursting with gratitude for finding Mark and Davene and this strangest secret learned in the MKMMA course.

Do you want to know the secret?

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