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Week 17- Life’s superbowl


I am reminded of how our lives and MKMMA interwind to be the match of our own life Super Bowl, who will win our old blueprint or the new version of me.

So let’s say the old blueprint is the New England Patriots, going for an embedded way of life from those old habits, or the Philly Eagles the new shiny version of me,  the winner of the ( ME) super bowl.

My strategy, Og( 3 times a day) flashing index cards, colored shapes, exercise, blueprint builder, the Nightengale, the sits, I  have a plan on how to win.  Trophy held high in the air as I  sail the Napali Coast.  I  did it.


Those pesky habits from my past trying to sack my quarterback. Peptides jumping all over the field, fans screaming, the temptation is mounting, so do I throw a hail mary pass and hope for the catch of a lifetime.

No, I  take control, I am disciplined,  with unbridled enthusiasm,  I  march down that field with calculated well thought out plays, and kick those old habits in the butt.  I am dancing like a fool in the end zone of life,  I  WIN!

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