Think Locally, Grow Globally

Week 11 – Just breathe



My Dmp didn’t feel right. It wasn’ honestly me. It bothered me, I felt it was my life that I was living for someone else’s life. So I switched ppn’s and I feel good about the revisions, my guide must be scratching her head and wondering, but I am becoming a self-directed thinker and I think I will change things up and go with how I feel.

I am looking at the flurry of Christmas activity both at my mom’s nursing home, volunteer activities and in my own home, and wonder how to squish it all into the time left. The clock is ticking, but I don’t look at the clock and look at my compass so I choose to spend time with my mom , we take in the Christmas concerts, church teas and social bazars. I take the time to observe, the homeless man collecting change at the intersection, volunteering for the children’s charity, and decided these are my priorities. I remember OG , yet from childish swipes, the oak eventually tumble. So it be with my efforts of today. All will be done that comes from my heart and the reason for the season is not lost on me. I will hold this special feeling this season in my heart all year. Merry Christmas my MKE peeps.

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