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week 11- Crazy thoughts


Have y’all ever felt like you are just living out your days in a season of psycho-pants level frustration? Some days I’m two autocorrects away from needing a new phone because my “toddler” smashed mine. And by toddler, I mean the emotional, full-grown woman-baby who takes over my body when I am crumbling under a molehill I’ve turned into a mountain. Old blue print raises her ugly head.

I spent my first 60 years tirelessly scaling the alps of life. Mountains and mountains of doubt, fear, comparison, shame, guilt, expectations, laundry, dishes, to-do lists, anger and frustrations. I don’t know about you, but overwhelm and stress send me straight off the cliff. This is usually when I find myself mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally unstable and incapable.

If you’ve found yourself feeling flustered, flattened and just down-and-out, I promise you’re not alone. We can get so focused on all the things that need to be done that we can’t see we are coming undone. We can’t see, hear or remember a lot of things. Like the conflict we are about to step right into, the whisper of God’s voice trying to provide guidance, and where on earth we put those car keys dangling in our hand.

I am living with my 90 year old mom, flashbacks from my childhood and wrestling my own demons, I am reminded of the laws of substitution and growth.  Thank you Master key Principles for planting seeds of self-control.  Thank you mental diet.  I got this. I am ok. I can handle it all.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your week 11, your blog is very interesting

  2. I really enjoyed your blog post. I can see myself in your descriptions. This was uplifting to know others are having the same stuff going on. I swear some days I am running 90 mph with my hair on fire.

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