Think Locally, Grow Globally

week 10- The giving season


I am happy when I give.

This is the perfect season to do just that, I am holding doors for the person behind me, putting away shopping carts in the grocery store parking lots, smiling at the dog park attendees with wishes of Merry Christmas. Hey this is fun.

I gave coffee cards to my handyman crew. I took my Mom a bouquet of flowers to brighten her room at the Nursing home. I give the gift of flashing cards and dmp readings to myself. I can feel myself smile as I flash those cards and the good feelings that wash over me…priceless. Yes, how I feel shows in my actions and behaviors, and CHOICES, so everything is connected. This season, simple happiness from me to you. This Christmas is so different from the last, but covid 19 regulations has me feeling grateful for the better version of my self (MKE thank you) loving and observing the all the wonderful little things in my life. I have this crazy smile plastered on my face all the time.

Todays happiness adventure is helping my daughter finish her shopping, fun yeah!

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