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Week #2 Thanksgiving


This weekend is Thanksgiving here in Canada.

What am I thankful for, I am tearfully thankful my Dad is improving in hospital.

I am thankful for the splendor of the fall colors, I have found two places that take my breath away, the brilliant red mixed with orange, I just stand and stare, pause and reflect, how lucky am I to live here in Sudbury.

This week has been about the pause, observe and reflect.

I now know I can attach any feeling I want to any situation I am confronted with, I choose.

I have felt frustration earlier in the week as my 89-year-old Mom refuses to wear her hearing aids because she is not deaf. I have felt bewildered at the reams of red tape surrounding my Dad’s care in hospital and the co-payments attached to that care.

So today as I prepare Thanksgiving dinner, and bring it to my Mom and then to the hospital to share with my Dad(pumpkin pie too).   I am thankful for the pie left on my doorstep by my real estate agent, thankful for my sister coming into town to help with my parents care, thankful for her purchasing very blingy headphones that my Mom wants to wear, thankful that my Mom will be part of the conversation, thankful for the excellent care my father is receiving, thankful for sharing the love and memories with my Dad today, thankful, thankful, thankful.

Happy thanksgiving Canada



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