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Week #3 Searching for the Source of the Sun


 The solar plexus,  located behind my diagram is likened to the sun of the body it is distributing energy which the body is constantly generating,  I read that over and over again,  and find it fascinating. As I ponder this I become aware of the cd in my car, I have been playing this particular one for months straight,  on my drive to and from work. But today I hear the lyrics loud and clear

” In my plan to be myself, I became someone else,

Dreaming dreams I hardly know,

Looking through the snow,

For the path to the place that I’d come from

I am searching for the source of the sun.”

Today, I sing  those words with new meaning, I see the red pencil syndrome of becoming someone else, following other people dreams and my search to find the sun and the young girl (the path I come from)

Completely blew my mind, and this inexplicable thing happened out of nowhere. Then  I remember as I sit perfectly still, and think, what creeps into my sleeping subconscious, later at the hospital visiting my Dad I am picking him up a magazine at the little shop and on the counter, a small charm lays there in my line of sight  that  reads “Be still and know…” Psalm 46:10, I am mesmerized

Have I found the source of the sun? My mind is buzzing with energy and a strange sense of synchronicity. This MKE is a wild ride. Crack off another piece of cement.

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  1. Aloha Roz,
    Good to see you being the observer. Even better to see you observing the cement cracking. Great job.

  2. Hey Roz!

    Self-awareness is the name of the game!

    Keep sharing with us all the marvellous perfect synchronicities in which we live in.



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