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Kauai Live Event


What a thrill to be in Kauai, this is my first time in Hawaii, and the beaches, mountain views are just breath taking, but  the moments that took my breath away were in class at the Master Key Live Event.

This experience is beyond anything I could have hoped for, it was challenging, emotional and filled my heart with a new level of compassion and wonder at my own growth in character. How did this happen?  The previous 26 weeks of assignments, reading and excercises, I thought I had changed, grown and  matured to a person I could look in the eye, when I read “gal in the glass” in front of my bathroom mirror.

But now I am present in my own life this very minute, connected to all nature, grateful just to sit on the beach and watch the waves roll in and really try to figure out how the Master Key Experience did it, was it the readings, the sits, the huge amount of encouragement and love I felt from the staff and other classmates from around the world.  How did they get me here?  I really can’t pin point just one thing, the whole experience together is greater than the small parts that make up the greatest gift I have  EVER given to myself.

Nothing and I mean nothing had such a  profound effect on me before, I am so grateful, and that word doesn’t even begin to describe the feeling of awe, I am completely astounded at the change and now as I read “Standing Tall” the book Mark J wrote, I get it, I  understand that making this big change in your life, lines you up to receive the 13 riches of life effortlessly.


Thank you, thank you, thank you




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  1. You perfectly describe my own feelings.
    thank you 🙂
    so lovely to meet you also, in person, my Treasured Driving Instructor 🙂

    • Dominica
      It was a honor to meet you and I enjoyed driving and exploring the Island with you.
      Kudos on taking the plunge at the Queen’s Bath, you are courageous!
      I am curious to know if one knee is has a map of Kauai!

  2. What a lovely tribute to…yourself! I wish I could have been there to meet you both in person- though I feel as though we have been friends for a long time…
    So glad you could go.

    • Oh I wish I could have met you too and yes we have been friends a long time, I am still pinching myself
      Did I really do that? Someone told me tonight at a mlm meeting , how much I have changed since last year

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