Think Locally, Grow Globally

October 24, 2020
by Roz

Week 4- Giving and the goofy thing that happens

“Freely you have received; freely give.” Matthew 10:8b

I am seeing I also need to give myself a pep talk on love.

A few years ago, as I started my journey with the MKE, someone I love said something that hurt my feelings, I could have shaken that off, smiled and pretended I was fine. But beneath the surface, it lingers, festers and I did withdraw myself emotionally. I treated this loved one with a frosty response.

Yes, the old blueprint has pulled in the welcome mat and slammed the door shut in my heart. I think to myself, Why should I leave myself open for more hurt?

I once found it hard to overlook an offense or be overjoyed when someone gets something I secretly longed for or even be patient when I am stressed out.

How did I change that?

Well, it starts with the law of giving and receiving, as my day starts I read how today, I am giving everyone a gift that I encounter, smiles, compliments and my pleasant demeanor. So I do it, smile at strangers, say good morning, hold open doors and guess what, this makes me feel happy, terrific and my day brightens. Wait a minute, I am supposed to be giving and making others feel good, so why do I feel good.

That is the goofy part of the law, making others feel good makes you feel good.

So today, an appointment to have my snow tires put on my car, turned into a bit of a mixup, but when I responded with grace and generosity it was met in kind, I heard those wonderful words ” at cost” not only once but twice.

The more you give, the more you get, it is always flowing, so I am trusting this process because I know it was designed for my benefit by a much higher power.

October 17, 2020
by Roz

Week 3 – The sit

The solar plexus, located behind my diagram is likened to the sun of the body it is distributing energy which the body is constantly generating, I read that over and over again, and find it fascinating. As I ponder this I become aware of the cd in my car, I have been playing this particular one for months straight, on my daily drive to run errands and visit my Mom at St. Joseph Villa nursing home.. But today I hear the lyrics loud and clear

” In my plan to be myself, I became someone else,

Dreaming dreams I hardly know,

Looking through the snow,

For the path to the place that I’d come from

I am searching for the source of the sun.”

Today, I sing those words with new meaning, I see the red pencil syndrome of becoming someone else, following other people dreams and my search to find the sun and the young girl I once was full of hope (the path I come from).

Completely blew my mind, and this inexplicable thing happened out of nowhere. Then I remember as I sit perfectly still, and think, what creeps into my sleeping subconscious, I remember, last June at the hospital, standing vigil as my father slipped away, I was in the hospital gift shop and on the counter, a small charm lays there in my line of sight that reads “Be still and know…” Psalm 46:10, I am mesmerized

Have I found the source of the sun? My mind is buzzing with energy and a strange sense of synchronicity. This MKE is a wild ride. Crack off another piece of cement.

October 5, 2020
by Roz

Week 2- Making the connections!

The blue rectangle is everywhere I look, or has it always been there, and I just didn’t see it before. Possible yes!

When I was pregnant, I noticed other pregnant women, and today I notice other drivers with the same Suv I drive, is that odd !!

Nope, I now realize my subconscious is aligning my thoughts and energy with the universal mind.

We are all connected to each other

September 28, 2020
by Roz

Week 1-Master Key Experience Believe

The Fall has arrived and with it, the Master key experience is unfolding for the brave ones who registered. I am a certified guide this year and feel thankful, blessed and truly grateful. I am looking forward to cracking some more cement and meeting fabulous new friends.

In this uncertain world, I am confident of my own thoughts, beliefs and my decisions today. The MKE has given me valuable tools and I stand tall in my world. I remember my first year here as as a new member, looking back I am so amazed at the transformation. Grab this experience, stick with it, just believe you can do it. Welcome

March 17, 2020
by Roz

Week 20 – no fear here

The virus that is sweeping the world. The virus is called fear.

I hear stories of panic shopping, hoarding food, clearing out whole sections of the local super market. Leaving the elderly to shuffle down the aisles in disbelief. We are now opening grocery stores earlier just for the elderly to shop, so they will be safer from contracting the covid -19 virus and to buy needed grocery items. I ask myself why is the mob mentality running rampart.

I am sensible about following precautions, hand washing, social distancing, but I am more concerned with kindness , and pulling together to help my neighborhood.

We the gradutes of MKE know the change we seek in the midst of uncertainity. Believe the world is evolving as it should and we get to be local heroes in our on life. Lets shine!