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Week 9 – The Dementia Thing


My parents are no longer the people I  know, they are changing into someone else’s parents.  They are on a terrifying journey into the unknown.

They remember me, but they live and remember from a time long ago, which includes people I never knew and snippets of memories from their childhood in the 1930’s.

I am told by professionals that I  need limitless amounts of patience and understanding.

So, this brings me to, caregiving for people with Alzheimer’s. My counselor helps me understand and I see a parallel with MKE.

I am to encourage and praise all efforts to self-help. I clap and give the thumbs up sign to my dad for completing exercises and for successfully managing to stand and walk with his walker. I hold his face and we both grimace together as he tries to swallow that awful mountain of medication. Thumbs up when we are successful.

Reminiscing and agreeing to stories that sound like fantasies, this is explained as keeping the peace and not making my dad feel agitated or embarrassed.  My dad can pick up on my emotions, so very important to make him feel loved and valued.

I think of the alliances, where I share struggles, victories, and tips and I  feel so much love and encouragement from my  MKE peeps.

Lightening bolt, I am sharing the second scroll of OG, love is my greatest weapon.

Does not matter if you have Alzheimer’s or not,  we all need to be treated with love and encourage each other in this life.  I suspect many of us are already doing this?

Changing scrolls in a few days, I will boldly write on the top of scroll three “Love is my greatest weapon”



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  1. I see that you’re going through an awful time as your parents become distant there is no easy way to deal with it I hope the master key helps you deal with something that nobody should have to go through I wish you the very best as I am sure everyone in the MKE does please keep on keeping on the very best you can.

  2. Thank you for sharing your heart & the parallels you are observing!

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