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Week 7- Thank you


Thank you

I challenge you to think of two more beautiful words.

Yes, I am grateful for my health, wealth and love in my life. So thank you universe.

I also realize that my old blueprint created all that was and presently is but change is coming, my new positive thinking is creating my future fabric woven into a new health, wealth and love.

An opportunity presented itself, an acquaintance blurted out a tale that made me gasp, I could so relate, watching helplessly as your son, makes the worse possible decision, police, lawyers and definite jail time. Do I say, “I will pray for you” and walk away? Or do I roll up my sleeves and help?

Old blueprint/new blueprint, I go with my heart, and say I am here, what can I do to help. I offer financial help and I offer to listen. I will meet you anywhere, anytime and I will stand with you and hold your hand as you watch this unfold. I am reminded of OG I endure sadness for it opens my soul. I can only imagine the sorrow of my friend, how do you help a child bent on destroying his life?

I love, I listen, I help and I hear the two most beautiful words “Thank you”

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