Think Locally, Grow Globally

Week 21- Silence


There are some things which cannot be learned quickly, and time, which is all we have, must be paid heavily for their acquiring. They are the very simplest things and because it takes a man’s life to know them the little new that each man gets from life is very costly and the only heritage he has to leave. -Ernest Hemingway

The sit is a gift and it unfolds deeper with time and practice,  I am acquiring more peace by investing the time.

I observe, people, flowers, stars, and wonder in amazement on how all this is given freely to me in abundance.  The sit gives me a silence that clarifies my mind the focus becomes all I see, as I roll back the thoughts to the beginning and replay it in my mind.  My life, long ago filled with wretchedness, now improving to become the new me.

As the plain truth opens boldly in front of my eyes, I take 100% responsibility for all of it.


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