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week 21- looking forward to the Silence


Today I feel sheepish. I am one of those people, who looks at their cell phone at a stop light. I am following the other sheep. I believe my own self importance, I mean somebody must need me for something. Right!

I just checked in, and was chatised for not responding to a message immediately from my daughter.   She believes I do not have a life outside of her wants and needs.

Wait a second, I created that by being at her beck and call. My mother is 90 and I must be available incase of an emergency.  So for my silence I am scheduling 3 days , yes I am arranging respite care for me and placing my mom temporarily in a nursing home so I can be alone, no work, no phone, no t.v, no radio…heaven I can hardly wait.

Thank you Master Key

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  1. Roz, you are making big sacrifices but for the right thing. I bless your silent retreat to come back more whole, more healthy, more peaceful, more joyful so that you can be more for yourself and others.

  2. Hi Roz, wishing you well for your retreat. Love your insights and the courage to move forward. All the best.

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