Think Locally, Grow Globally

Week 20 – no fear here


The virus that is sweeping the world. The virus is called fear.

I hear stories of panic shopping, hoarding food, clearing out whole sections of the local super market. Leaving the elderly to shuffle down the aisles in disbelief. We are now opening grocery stores earlier just for the elderly to shop, so they will be safer from contracting the covid -19 virus and to buy needed grocery items. I ask myself why is the mob mentality running rampart.

I am sensible about following precautions, hand washing, social distancing, but I am more concerned with kindness , and pulling together to help my neighborhood.

We the gradutes of MKE know the change we seek in the midst of uncertainity. Believe the world is evolving as it should and we get to be local heroes in our on life. Lets shine!

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