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Week 2 -Grateful


This weekend is Thanksgiving here in Canada.

What am I thankful for, I am grateful my mom is in a great nursing home.

I am thankful for the splendor of the fall colors, I have found two places that take my breath away, the brilliant red mixed with orange, I just stand and stare, pause and reflect, how lucky am I to live here in Sudbury.

This week has been about the pause, observe and reflect.

I now know I can attach any feeling I want to any situation I am confronted with, I choose.

I have decided  to practice patience  with my  92-year-old Mom  who refuses to wear her hearing aids because she is not deaf.  After my father’s death last year she has become so afraid of everything, maybe she has always been but I haven’t noticed.  But, still very defiant  and she tells me loudly ” I am not an old fart.” She wants to go shopping and walk by herself (refuses to take her walker) and tells strangers they are fat or old looking. Very inappropriate comments, nurses tell me she has no filters.  So our shopping outing  yesterday was quite an experience, my mom purchased some very blinging jewellery,  but I am grateful we are still able to share Mom and daughter time, and laugh hysterically at this slow decline into the “Golden Years.”

Happy thanksgiving Canada

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