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Week 16- Kindness

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My favourite time of the master key experience, kindness week.

Just 2 random acts of kindness without getting caught, boosting blogs, compliments, smiles, thank you’s and holding doors open, gathering up carts in the parking lots, all lead to massive change within me and my world.

How cool is that?

All the master key students, guides and staff start a tremendous ripple that goes around the world. Many students and guides live in France, Belgium, Germany, Canada and the United States to name just a few countries. Just imagine all those people in their own communities bring love, hugs and great feelings of wonder to so many, and the ripples start flowing.

I feel so grateful being part of a cause so much bigger than myself, I am constantly in awe of the effects in myself and my immediate world.

The big payoff for me is the immediate improvement in my life the day I started the MKE and the continally unfolding of knowing the authentic me, and enjoying deep rich relationships with my family and friends.

I am on a path of self discovery, that is limitless. I am nature’s greatest miracle and I share it with the world.

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