Think Locally, Grow Globally

Week 15- Franklin Makeover


My word for the week is self-control.  The more I look for it, the more I see it in me.

I am noticing the car in front of me letting in traffic.  Is that self control, I choose to see it that way.

In church this week the sermon, do not go to bed angry…umm another self control dot here. I am amayzed how this lay person was so open, regarding his marriage. He talked warmly about their great 14 years together, then that 15th year where they were both angry, using the silent war to tear down the beautiful relationship they had built. Each to  proud to offer an olive branch to the other.  Now he is reminded about the huge loss, as he faces recovery issues after an accident, no one  to help him put on a tie(shattered elbow and a new titainium one put in) he is stiff and sore. He is thinking God gave him an helper and he messed that up, now he ventures  into old age alone.

What has he(me) learned through this experience, how much more I can give to my immediate relationships, more love, more time, more atta boys for those special ones I love.  In time I will  reap what  I sowed.  They give me love , time, great conversations and time well spent, I have all I ever wanted. I am in harmony with the universe.

Thank you MKE, you gave me eyes to see, and the key to a better version  of me, therefore a better world without, my life is peaceful and harmonious, even  in the face of loss.

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