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week 14- I am nature’s greatest miracle

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I am so blown away by fall’s orchestra of colors, every turn on my path through the woods has me gasping for breath. Reds mixed with orangey peach color, shades of green sprinkled in, I marvel at its beauty and wonder how this is created just for me. It seems it has been placed on my path for my enjoyment alone. It helps me ease my worries and sort out complicated work problems without thinking about it, wandering in the woods just being me, stopping to observe small nests, twigs, the view over fields, watching deer jump the fences on the border of my property.

Without focusing on how; my aimless walks sort out more than I realized, in the quiet, my mind slows and I find myself smiling.  Just being grateful for the view. I know we are following a more enlightened path, observing, loving being grateful, so being part of MKMMA  we become nature’s greatest miracle.

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  1. Beautiful imagery… reminds me of upstate NY during the fall.

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