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Week 11 & 12- The Sit

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Oh, to be like Superwoman. To step into that phone booth as mild-mannered Clark Kent and step out as Superwomn — fit, flamboyant, ready to fly off and change the world!

But here I am, full of to do’s as I come into my sit and later opening my eyes — same old list staring me in the face. Clark Kent is transformed. I’m not.

Forget the sit. I want a phone booth.

Friends, it’s not the sit. It’s me.

I’m not sitting alone. I’m with God Almighty, the Universal Mind and I play the part of Clark Kent, the reporter.

I report the news. I tell what’s happening. I provide all the details. I fill my time with words.

They’re broke. They need money. He’s gotta find a job.

Oh my she’s terribly sick. There’s so much she should be doing.

It’s the big game. The team has worked hard. They really want to win.

Good little reporter that I am, I don’t just describe what’s happening. I tell the universe what needs to happen.

This job is perfect for him. They have to hire him.

Heal her. Get her back to work.

Give them the victory. They deserve it.

One day, I step into my sit, a bigger to do list than usual.

This is such a mess! I don’t know what they should do. You’re the all-seeing, all-knowing Universal mind. You tell me.

I sense the response:

Ah, you’re catching on.

Who am I to tell Universal mind what to do? He’s omniscient and omnipresent. I can’t tell Him anything He doesn’t already know.

I learn to check my Clark-Kent self at the begining of my sit. I speak less and listen more. Universal Mind grants me glimpses from His perspective.

He loves money too much.

She needs to be still and know that I am the beginning and the end.

They want that trophy more than they want Me.

I’ve been thinking about what I want and asking Universal Mind to save the day Superman-style, to provide the quick fix, the happy here-and-now. But Universal Mind looks at the long term, what’s best for eternity. An easy life produces flabby souls. Temporary trouble can be a stepping stone to superwoman character.

I learn to trust universal Mind’s plan over my do to list.

Please teach me to store up my treasure in heaven.

Surround her hospital bed with your presence.

Win or lose, may they play glory.

And that hopeless mess?

Your will be done. I am in the flow, harmony reigns in my life.

Superwoman is taking her cape off for good

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