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Wattles- A brilliant mind


“To become really rich is the noblest aim you can have in life, for it includes everything else”

Excerpt From: Wallace D. Wattles. “The Science of Getting Rich.” Christie Solutions, 2013.


A noble aim, no the noblest aim.  Living in wealth develops opportunities to grow in knowledge, love,  friendship and improve the world as you experience life, through, travel, education and living each day.

The best advice doesn’t tell you what to do, it teaches you how to think.
If there are people in your life who love to lay out how life works for you, listen to them, for sure. But keep in mind  the best advice you’ll ever receive will be in the form of a question “what do you think?”

It will help you think better about the opportunities before you.

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of offering advice to some very dear people in my life.

I found myself asking a question back to them: “Well, what are you passionate about?”

It’s a question we seldom ask in this get-it-done-I-need-to-make-money world of ours. But it’s a question that cuts to the core of many questions that concern vocation. It forced them to remain true to who they were as an individual.

The best advice doesn’t tell, it asks.

Follow Your Heart, Not The Unsustainable Version of Success the World Wants to Sell You.

If your heart is God’s, then there can be no better compass in your life.

The world will hold all these shiny objects in front of you: a car, a big house, a crazy bank account, status, gaudy vacations. You name it, they will put it in front of you as your life-carrot. “Here,” they’ll say, “chase this, and your life will be complete.”

But don’t you see what they’ve done?

They’ve removed you from your passions and desires, the ones you feel sizzle in you when you pray, the true ones. And once they get you away from your God-filled heart, they will say, “So, if you want all this, then you must … go to college, get a good paying job, open up a retirement account, and so on and so forth.”

They will try to fill your heart with false infinities, as C.S. Lewis liked to put it. Things in the world that will seem like they can and will satisfy but that will only keep you pining for that special something.

So I ask you. Who’s reality is that?


What I am sitting here encouraging you with this fact: When God has your heart, and you trust all the joy and wonder and mystery he’s poured into you,  life will look a lot different when you follow it, rather than whatever the world wants to sell you.


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