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Sandpaper People


My dad always said there are two kinds of people  in the world. Some people have ulcers and some people give them.

Sand paper people can cause so much friction in my life, unless I choose to be an observer and  carefully.choose my thoughts.

Stop take a deep breath “Will this matter in five years.”  Getting along with people who rub you the wrong way is difficult at best and sometimes peace is not easy to find.

That is only true if peace is dependent on outer circmstances. Sand paper people are addicted to the mini dramas played out  in their  daily lives.

Sand paper people arrange the mini dramas  in their lives to set themselves up for failure proving to everyone including their own hearts that what everyone believes about them is true- they are worthless.

Their temper tantrums and brooding silences all traps of their own making that will eventually imprison them in disappointment and defeat.  Have you ever noticed that sand paper people thrive on drama?  Everthing is a big deal!

Under the spotlight of opportunity, everything, no matter how insignificant it may seem escalates into a major crisis, distorting what is real.xLkx7wHu

Inner peace is choosing happiness over drama,  my desire to keep a relationship in tact, over my need to to be right, choosing not to have the last word, choosing to accept other ideas as different not wrong, choosing contentment and peace and simply living a life that just is everything I create it to be, because I am creative.   I can create havoc, anger and a big negative mess, or I can create peace, joy , laughter and harmony.

I have the power through my own thoughts, to  make up my mind just  how happy I am gonna  be. A series of small choices  I made every minute of every day, over the long term,  the last year,  the well thought out little wise choices is making a new beginning in this  beautiful dream called my life.

How do I know this you ask?  Well  I had a membership in the sand paper club. The Master Key Experience has taken me out of that club and given me a life in the harmony club, yes they are right, there is nothing like it!



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