Think Locally, Grow Globally

March 16, 2019
by Roz

Week 22- To be or not to be

I am fascinated by by strong female leads in movies, always the under dog but become the hero in their lives.

I find, that I have my own style, charm and now my own self directed thoughts of my future.

I think differently therefore I am the new ME.

I love her. She rocks.

The new me

February 24, 2019
by Roz

week 21- looking forward to the Silence

Today I feel sheepish. I am one of those people, who looks at their cell phone at a stop light. I am following the other sheep. I believe my own self importance, I mean somebody must need me for something. Right!

I just checked in, and was chatised for not responding to a message immediately from my daughter.   She believes I do not have a life outside of her wants and needs.

Wait a second, I created that by being at her beck and call. My mother is 90 and I must be available incase of an emergency.  So for my silence I am scheduling 3 days , yes I am arranging respite care for me and placing my mom temporarily in a nursing home so I can be alone, no work, no phone, no t.v, no radio…heaven I can hardly wait.

Thank you Master Key

February 15, 2019
by Roz

week 20 Choosing Love every day not just Valentine’s Day

In the era of Facebook and Instagram, there’s so much pressure when it comes to pulling out all the stops while popping the question.

Utube videos  where the bride is surprised by a flash mob, as hundreds of people sing in harmony while also performing elaborate choreography. Oh, and it’s all conveniently captured from four different camera angles and spliced together in a film that racks up millions of views and goes viral!

But all of this “high bar” setting can slowly start to set up a false notion of what romance is. So can elaborate weddings and over-the-top honeymoons.

True love isn’t a man who will race through the rain down a crowded city street to passionately embrace his wife, beseeching her to return after a lovers’ quarrel.

Real romance doesn’t come with a hefty price tag or show its affections by emptying a bank account — or worse, by going into deep debt — in order to prove its sincerity.

Undying devotion isn’t flashy, wanting others  to cheer and applaud your showy efforts.

Authentic love isn’t proven by dramatic gestures, expensive rings or attention-getting tactics. Not at all.

It doesn’t claim that love is showy, but steady. It describes true love — the kind which comes from our creator or Universal mind and is in turn shown to others — by asserting that love “… bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.”

Bear: to properly place under a protective covering

Believe: to be utterly persuaded to be true

Hope: to actively wait for  fulfillment

Endure: to stand your ground, bearing up against hardship

So maybe, true love looks more like this:

It’s the steadfast presence of you, the willingness to stick it out when things get rocky. To demonstrates love when no one else is looking. True love is wholly committed, costing time and effort. It gives with no expectation of recognition or return.

Happy heart day!


February 13, 2019
by Roz

Week 19- The better version of me

The struggle to be patient and kind, my emotions are in my control, I can choose to use my case of the grumpy pants(frustration).  But how, R2A2 , yes recognize the rising frustration, stop , change gears(law of substitution) I remember a time my mom was chasing me at the park and I am running and and laughing , I let the memory sit with me and really feel it, I begin to smile.  Why am I frustrated? Well it all boils down to fear, it is like being flattened by a boulder rolling down a mountain.

When my Mom gets it in her mind to walk to the local store, maybe she will forget how to find her way home. Today, she ordered on demand movies because she can’t figure out the remote for the t.v.  Yesterday, she  answered the phone by speaking into the t.v remote.  Somedays there is laughter and just plain silliness other days tears.

Time for reflection, the sits, my thoughts are powerful, the determine how my day will be, my sits will now be in the morning, so I can train my brain on how the future of that day will be, starting with gratefulness to have the opportunity and honor to look after my mom. A shift in perspective. The better version of me is emerging, I cannot cheat the gal in the glass out of the better version of me, I really don’t want heartache and tears, because I didn’t fully engage in thinking my way to giving my mom a better life for the days she has left on this earth.

I am listening to the noise machine, the setting is the crashing of Hawaiian waves, I think of the question “What would the person I intend to be, do next.” The answer, she will  be a better daughter and engage  the wonderful mechanism, my subconscious and train that brain, and she will meet her future self in Kauai this June.

February 2, 2019
by Roz

Week 18-the one two punch

Forgiveness is all about taking care of yourself, not the person you need to forgive. It is about putting your desire to feel good before your need to be right. It is about taking 100% responsibility for your own happiness. What are you pretending not to know?  Are you pretending that your happiness is in someone else’s hands.  When you own it, your decisions are your responsibility. You can decide to give your anger, hurt and resentment the heave-ho, because you decide that you deserve to be happy.

So forgiveness is the first punch, the second is belief in yourself. In  order to have the Natural Law of attraction become my best friend, I have unshakeable faith in the not-yet seen. I am so comfortable with trusting the Universall Mind that it becomes second nature and I leap into the void with grace and ease.

This one two punch combo is my battle cry.