Think Locally, Grow Globally

December 11, 2020
by Roz

week 10- The giving season

I am happy when I give.

This is the perfect season to do just that, I am holding doors for the person behind me, putting away shopping carts in the grocery store parking lots, smiling at the dog park attendees with wishes of Merry Christmas. Hey this is fun.

I gave coffee cards to my handyman crew. I took my Mom a bouquet of flowers to brighten her room at the Nursing home. I give the gift of flashing cards and dmp readings to myself. I can feel myself smile as I flash those cards and the good feelings that wash over me…priceless. Yes, how I feel shows in my actions and behaviors, and CHOICES, so everything is connected. This season, simple happiness from me to you. This Christmas is so different from the last, but covid 19 regulations has me feeling grateful for the better version of my self (MKE thank you) loving and observing the all the wonderful little things in my life. I have this crazy smile plastered on my face all the time.

Todays happiness adventure is helping my daughter finish her shopping, fun yeah!

November 25, 2020
by Roz

Week 8 & 9- Small Steps

Give more get more, persistence in giving and being. One step at a time is not too difficult. I smile and in my mind, I say “I love you.”

Each day’s efforts are my small attempts repeated until I succeed in meeting my future self.

That woman of grace and compassion, who is organized and successful. The one who is perfect, whole, strong, powerful, loving harmonious and happy. During my sits I talked to her, we laugh, drink coffee, catch up on what is going on in our lives. I love her, she is my best friend, she feels less and less like a stranger. I think back to how we met, that ribbon of circumstance that crossed our paths. So I persistently take small steps towards the new woman in my life, me.

November 14, 2020
by Roz

Week 7- Thank you

Thank you

I challenge you to think of two more beautiful words.

Yes, I am grateful for my health, wealth and love in my life. So thank you universe.

I also realize that my old blueprint created all that was and presently is but change is coming, my new positive thinking is creating my future fabric woven into a new health, wealth and love.

An opportunity presented itself, an acquaintance blurted out a tale that made me gasp, I could so relate, watching helplessly as your son, makes the worse possible decision, police, lawyers and definite jail time. Do I say, “I will pray for you” and walk away? Or do I roll up my sleeves and help?

Old blueprint/new blueprint, I go with my heart, and say I am here, what can I do to help. I offer financial help and I offer to listen. I will meet you anywhere, anytime and I will stand with you and hold your hand as you watch this unfold. I am reminded of OG I endure sadness for it opens my soul. I can only imagine the sorrow of my friend, how do you help a child bent on destroying his life?

I love, I listen, I help and I hear the two most beautiful words “Thank you”

November 6, 2020
by Roz

Week 6 – Scroll 2- Love

My Mom is changing into someone else’s parent. She is afraid of everything as she continues her journey into the unknown.

My mom is 92 years young, and talks to my Dad everyday, now this is the fantasy part because he has passed away, and tells me of their adventures in the nursing home and their plans to buy a new home and I can come and live with them, in my old bedroom.

I agree and say that is a great idea, we look at real estate listings everyday.

I am told by professionals that I need limitless amounts of patience and understanding.

So, this brings me to, caregiving for my mom with dementia. I see a parallel with MKE, she is creating a new world where she is not afraid and believing her desire will come to fruition. The subconscious mind never sleeps, right.

Reminiscing and agreeing to stories that sound like fantasies, this is explained as keeping the peace and not making my mom feel agitated or embarrassed. My mom can pick up on my emotions, so very important to make her feel loved and valued.

I think of the alliances, where I share struggles, victories, and tips and I feel so much love and encouragement from my MKE peeps.

Lightening bolt, I am sharing the second scroll of OG, love is my greatest weapon.

Does not matter if you have dementia or not, we all need to be treated with love and encourage each other in this life. I suspect many of us are already doing this?

Reading scroll 2 every day, three times a day, and I live out daily “Love is my greatest weapon.”

October 31, 2020
by Roz
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Week 5- Give more love, get more love

Caretaking is like a box of chocolates, you never know who you will be talking to each morning. It is sometimes funny and sometimes heartbreaking. Alziemers is a complex disease, and it is teaching me compassion.

When I think of my childhood, I can sum it up by saying I lived in Dysfuction Junction. A place without hugs, or I love you’s, just awkwardness around emotion and lots of punishment.

So I struggle to be a caregiver to someone I don’t want to be anything like, I am in my own prison. The confinement hinders my happiness. The pressure brings anxiety. No matter what I do, I couldn’t seem to break free from the past(old blue print).

Then the light bulb went on (Thank you MKE) just love her and I am who I choose to be everyday. I choose to be whole, perfect, strong, powerful harmonious and happy. I was made in his image. The great Iam, is intertwined with my spirit, I choose is love.