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February 11, 2021

Week 19 – Franklin makeover

My virtue this week is specialized knowledge, seems I am noticing a new work process, how to read the “how to’s” manual in my immediate world of new computer system and the hands on mechanism of a new snow blower. I authentically complimented my daughter on her polished and excellent phone skills, she said thanks but came back to me 2 days later , to tell me how special those words made her feel, give more get more.   The universe delivered me a huge kindness, the snow blower dealership came to my house, fixed my snow blower and completely cleaned my snow filled driveway, I feel so blessed to drive in a clean driveway after a day of running errands, well it is a feeling I can hardly describe, well yes, I can I got out of my car and jumped up and down like  a little kid.  I could just kiss him. Living in a way that has you loving, giving and helping others  in any way you can, well it gives a peace that transcends all understanding. I marvel at this new life I have found, I believe in me, my new life  and I am bursting with gratitude for finding Mark and Davene and this strangest secret learned in the MKMMA course.

Do you want to know the secret?

February 1, 2021

Week 18-Step into Life

It would be easy to call myself a failure. I, who value love above all things, have failed in my marriage of 25 years. I am 60 something and single for the last 15 years. I retired, and my daughter has more money in her savings account than I have in mine. My heart is full of love, and I have no one to share it with but my community. I am resonably healthy and improving everyday and growing more and more gray hairs, and I could feel mediocre and unremarkable, despite my talents and passions. I don’t have a lot of hopes for career advancement because I have already arrived at my target. I recently learned that people are sitting around speculating about my love life (or lack thereof).

But I found the MKE, I choose to be happy, that swinging door in my subby, I push/kick that heavy door in the direction I CHOOSE. That is a remarkable way to live. I love it.

I am a good mom who enjoys spending quality time with my beautiful daughter and I feel that I have really learned to slow down and appreciate moments with her instead of always being in a hurry. I live a pretty sensible and responsible lifestyle, I spend lots of time with my mom at her nursing home and friends who care about me, and I have the chance to do good things for the people I love. I am challenging myself to acquire new skills—like writing a Divorce Care program for the Resoration Ministry at my church.—and there are many days when I feel truly happy when only 5 years ago prior to MKE that was rarely the case. I am smart and resilient and learning to live alone for the first time in my life, something I used to be terrified of but am handling remarkably well these days. I’ve been getting lots of compliments and high five’s from my random acts of kindness. I have plenty of reasons to feel pretty good about myself.

The truth is that I am both broken and beautiful. I fail sometimes and I succeed sometimes, but in the end I am simply me—a remarkable yet flawed creation of a loving and forgiving God. I am both a stumbling sinner and a saint walking in the light of God. I have the tools from MKE that push me forward and faith that makes the sun shine brighter. I am full of love , and I am well-known for both falling and stubbornly getting back up again. You can count on me to both despair in the night and sing with joy in the morning. Sometimes I shiver in the rain and sometimes I dance in it. I am weakness and strength, flesh and spirit. I will never be so broken that I am beyond God’s love or so beautiful that I do not need God’s mercy. I will never be such a failure that I am ashamed to look at myself in the mirror and say out loud “The gal in th glass.”. I will just be one more person trying my best to follow God and use my gifts to His glory. One more girl trying to love and be loved. Sometimes I won’t succeed, but, oh, sometimes I will. And that hope is worth holding on to, no matter how many times my heart breaks. Praise be to the God who simultaneously humbles my pride and makes my scars lovely to behold.

January 23, 2021

Week 17-Ramblings from my heart

In the era of Facebook and Instagram, there’s so much pressure when it comes to pulling out all the stops while popping the question.

Utube videos  where the bride is surprised by a flash mob, as hundreds of people sing in harmony while also performing elaborate choreography. Oh, and it’s all conveniently captured from four different camera angles and spliced together in a film that racks up millions of views and goes viral!

But all of this “high bar” setting can slowly start to set up a false notion of what romance is. So can elaborate weddings and over-the-top honeymoons.

True love isn’t a man who will race through the rain down a crowded city street to passionately embrace his wife, beseeching her to return after a lovers’ quarrel.

Real romance doesn’t come with a hefty price tag or show its affections by emptying a bank account — or worse, by going into deep debt — in order to prove its sincerity.

Undying devotion isn’t flashy, wanting others  to cheer and applaud your showy efforts.

Authentic love isn’t proven by dramatic gestures, expensive rings or attention-getting tactics. Not at all.

It doesn’t claim that love is showy, but steady. It describes true love — the kind which comes from our creator or Universal mind and is in turn shown to others — by asserting that love “… bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.”

Bear: to properly place under a protective covering

Believe: to be utterly persuaded to be true

Hope: to actively wait for  fulfillment

Endure: to stand your ground, bearing up against hardship

So maybe, true love looks more like this:

It’s the steadfast presence of you, the willingness to stick it out when things get rocky. To demonstrates love when no one else is looking. True love is wholly committed, costing time and effort. It gives with no expectation of recognition or return.

January 16, 2021
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Week 16- Kindness

My favourite time of the master key experience, kindness week.

Just 2 random acts of kindness without getting caught, boosting blogs, compliments, smiles, thank you’s and holding doors open, gathering up carts in the parking lots, all lead to massive change within me and my world.

How cool is that?

All the master key students, guides and staff start a tremendous ripple that goes around the world. Many students and guides live in France, Belgium, Germany, Canada and the United States to name just a few countries. Just imagine all those people in their own communities bring love, hugs and great feelings of wonder to so many, and the ripples start flowing.

I feel so grateful being part of a cause so much bigger than myself, I am constantly in awe of the effects in myself and my immediate world.

The big payoff for me is the immediate improvement in my life the day I started the MKE and the continally unfolding of knowing the authentic me, and enjoying deep rich relationships with my family and friends.

I am on a path of self discovery, that is limitless. I am nature’s greatest miracle and I share it with the world.

January 11, 2021
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Week 14 & 15-Shot in the dark

I am so blown away by winter’s sparkling diamonds in the sunlight, every turn on my path through the woods has me gasping for breath. I marvel at its beauty and wonder how this is created just for me. It seems it has been placed on my path for my enjoyment alone. It helps me ease my worries and sort out random thoughts, linking color, shapes finding natural conclusions without thinking about it, wandering in the woods just being me, stopping to observe small nests, trickling brooks, the view over snow laden fields, observing the coyote tracks near the edge of my property.

Without focusing on how; my aimless walks sort out more than I realized, in the quiet, my mind slows and I find myself smiling. Just being grateful for the view. I know we are following a more enlightened path, observing, loving being grateful, so being part of MKMMA we become nature’s greatest miracle. I joyously take a shot in the dark.