Think Locally, Grow Globally

February 6, 2018
by Roz

Week 18- Looking for the good

Last week, my father was taken by ambulance from the nursing home to the hospital, after being admitted for over seven days and a multitude of test they have no answers, for the partial paralysis,  or the inability to chew, speak, stand or walk(transfer from bed to wheelchair). They are administering morphine on a schedule, but no diagnosis, means I have to pace and wait.   Wait, think positive, all will work out for our good.  Believe it. Keep saying it out loud with enthusiasm.

I hold his hand and look at his tiny face, he peers back like a small child and tonight he said:” Will you come back and rescue me.”  I said, “Yes, I will!”

He can speak, thank you, thank you, Lord, he is making a comeback.

My world is suddenly very bright.

February 4, 2018
by Roz

Week 17- Life’s superbowl

I am reminded of how our lives and MKMMA interwind to be the match of our own life Super Bowl, who will win our old blueprint or the new version of me.

So let’s say the old blueprint is the New England Patriots, going for an embedded way of life from those old habits, or the Philly Eagles the new shiny version of me,  the winner of the ( ME) super bowl.

My strategy, Og( 3 times a day) flashing index cards, colored shapes, exercise, blueprint builder, the Nightengale, the sits, I  have a plan on how to win.  Trophy held high in the air as I  sail the Napali Coast.  I  did it.


Those pesky habits from my past trying to sack my quarterback. Peptides jumping all over the field, fans screaming, the temptation is mounting, so do I throw a hail mary pass and hope for the catch of a lifetime.

No, I  take control, I am disciplined,  with unbridled enthusiasm,  I  march down that field with calculated well thought out plays, and kick those old habits in the butt.  I am dancing like a fool in the end zone of life,  I  WIN!

January 28, 2018
by Roz

Week 16- Surrender


I have just finished Jan Arden’s  book “Feeding my Mother.”

The struggle to be patient and kind, while looking after elderly parents with dementia, diabetes, congestive heart failure, arthritis and other milder ailments, well it is hard.

Jan seems to know my struggles, I can relate to losing my patience with my Mom and when I sit still and reflect,  well it all boils down to fear, it is like being flattened by a boulder rolling down a mountain.

Time for reflection, the sits, my thoughts are powerful, the determine how my day will be, my sits will now be in the morning, so I can train my brain on how the future of that day will be, starting with gratefulness to have the opportunity and honor to look after my parents. A shift in perspective. The better version of me is emerging, I cannot cheat the gal in the glass out of the better version of me, I really don’t want heartache and tears, because I didn’t fully engage.

I am listening to the noise machine, the setting is the crashing of Hawaiian waves, I think of the question “What would  the person I intend to  be, do next.”  The answer, she will engage like never before, and she will meet her future self in Kauai this June.

January 7, 2018
by Roz

Week 15- Saying Goodbye

The new season of my life. The administrator of my Dad care and helping my Mom deal with the transfer of her beloved husband of almost 70 years to a nursing home the day after my birthday. What a ball of emotions, I am crying as I write this post, but this is the only time I can be a daughter and grieve.  In conversations, with medical staff, I must be together. We discuss changes in medication, around the clock nursing care, a  DNR orders, my heart is in my stomach.  I remain stone-faced so my Mom has a shoulder to lean on, only when I am at home, I sob like a child at the thought of loosing my Dad. Today we are bringing my birthday celebration dinner to the hospital, I will have my birthday with my Dad for the last time.

December 28, 2017
by Roz

week 14- I am nature’s greatest miracle

I am so blown away by fall’s orchestra of colors, every turn on my path through the woods has me gasping for breath. Reds mixed with orangey peach color, shades of green sprinkled in, I marvel at its beauty and wonder how this is created just for me. It seems it has been placed on my path for my enjoyment alone. It helps me ease my worries and sort out complicated work problems without thinking about it, wandering in the woods just being me, stopping to observe small nests, twigs, the view over fields, watching deer jump the fences on the border of my property.

Without focusing on how; my aimless walks sort out more than I realized, in the quiet, my mind slows and I find myself smiling.  Just being grateful for the view. I know we are following a more enlightened path, observing, loving being grateful, so being part of MKMMA  we become nature’s greatest miracle.