Think Locally, Grow Globally

October 16, 2019
by Roz

Week 3 – Inexplicable Little Things

The solar plexus, located behind my diagram is likened to the sun of the body it is distributing energy which the body is constantly generating, I read that over and over again, and find it fascinating. As I ponder this I become aware of the cd in my car, I have been playing this particular one for months straight, on my daily drive to run errands and visit my Mom at St. Joseph Villa nursing home.. But today I hear the lyrics loud and clear

” In my plan to be myself, I became someone else,

Dreaming dreams I hardly know,

Looking through the snow,

For the path to the place that I’d come from

I am searching for the source of the sun.”

Today, I sing those words with new meaning, I see the red pencil syndrome of becoming someone else, following other people dreams and my search to find the sun and the young girl I once was full of hope (the path I come from).

Completely blew my mind, and this inexplicable thing happened out of nowhere. Then I remember as I sit perfectly still, and think, what creeps into my sleeping subconscious, I remember, last June at the hospital, standing vigil as my father slipped away, I was in the hospital gift shop and on the counter, a small charm lays there in my line of sight that reads “Be still and know…” Psalm 46:10, I am mesmerized

Have I found the source of the sun? My mind is buzzing with energy and a strange sense of synchronicity. This MKE is a wild ride. Crack off another piece of cement.

October 10, 2019
by Roz

Week 2 -Grateful

This weekend is Thanksgiving here in Canada.

What am I thankful for, I am grateful my mom is in a great nursing home.

I am thankful for the splendor of the fall colors, I have found two places that take my breath away, the brilliant red mixed with orange, I just stand and stare, pause and reflect, how lucky am I to live here in Sudbury.

This week has been about the pause, observe and reflect.

I now know I can attach any feeling I want to any situation I am confronted with, I choose.

I have decided  to practice patience  with my  92-year-old Mom  who refuses to wear her hearing aids because she is not deaf.  After my father’s death last year she has become so afraid of everything, maybe she has always been but I haven’t noticed.  But, still very defiant  and she tells me loudly ” I am not an old fart.” She wants to go shopping and walk by herself (refuses to take her walker) and tells strangers they are fat or old looking. Very inappropriate comments, nurses tell me she has no filters.  So our shopping outing  yesterday was quite an experience, my mom purchased some very blinging jewellery,  but I am grateful we are still able to share Mom and daughter time, and laugh hysterically at this slow decline into the “Golden Years.”

Happy thanksgiving Canada

October 6, 2019
by Roz

Week 1 – Back in school

The Fall has arrived and with it, the Master key experience is unfolding for the brave ones who registered. Surely as the season’s change, we do too.
It is time to be back in school, binders, colored pencils, reading, oh the reading. It is a shock. How do I get myself organized? First, take a deep breath, sit quietly, and realize how lucky I am to be accepted.

I am thankful, blessed and truly grateful. I believe this my great new beginning. I realize this moment is all I have and I will make it count, I am confident I am shedding my old skin.

April 19, 2019
by Roz

week 24 and beyond

Broken and Beautiful

It would be easy to call myself a failure. I, who value love above all things, have failed in my marriage of eight years. I am 30 and single for the first time since college. I am getting by, but my not-quite-two-year-old daughter has more money in her savings account than I have in mine. I am drawn towards friends who have other priorities, and I want more than they can give me. I am pining for the soulmate I’ve yet to meet. My heart is full of love, and I have no one to share it with but my young daughter who can only understand the edges of it right now. I am overweight (as I have been my whole life) and growing more and more gray hairs, and I frequently feel mediocre and unremarkable, despite my talents and passions. I don’t have a lot of hopes for career advancement because I have already arrived at my professional target, which is unfortunately in the rather underpaid nonprofit sector. I recently learned that I am the target of derisive gossip—by at least one member of my church, no less—and that people are sitting around speculating about my love life (or lack thereof). My friends are constantly warning me not to do anything that will cause me more heartache because they know how impulsive and openhearted and frankly foolhardy I tend to be. I have plenty of reasons to feel like a loser.

It would also be easy to call myself a success. I have recently been promoted to the job I’ve been working towards my entire career, and I’m doing very well in it. I’m handling responsibility in tough situations and have gained the trust and respect of my colleagues. I am using my musical talents to contribute to my community. I am a good mother who enjoys spending quality time with my beautiful daughter—even when she’s having one of her stubborn toddler days—and I feel that I have really learned to slow down and appreciate moments with her instead of always being in a hurry. I live a pretty sensible and responsible lifestyle, I spend lots of time with my friends who care about me, and I have the chance to do good things for the people I love. I am challenging myself to acquire new skills—like learning crossovers in my ice skating lessons—and there are many days when I feel truly happy when only a year ago that was rarely the case. I am smart and resilient and learning to live alone for the first time in my life, something I used to be terrified of but am handling remarkably well these days. I’ve been getting lots of compliments these days on everything from my appearance to my choir solo audition to my performance at work. I have plenty of reasons to feel pretty good about myself.

The truth is that I am both broken and beautiful. I fail sometimes and I succeed sometimes, but in the end I am simply me—a remarkable yet flawed creation of a loving and forgiving God. I am both a stumbling sinner and a saint walking in the light of God. I have doubts that bring me to my knees and faith that makes the sun shine brighter. I am full of love and sometimes fear, and I am well-known for both falling and stubbornly getting back up again. You can count on me to both despair in the night and sing with joy in the morning. Sometimes I shiver in the rain and sometimes I dance in it. I am weakness and strength, flesh and spirit. I will never be so broken that I am beyond God’s love or so beautiful that I do not need God’s mercy. I will never be such a failure that I am ashamed to look my friends in the eye or such a success that I think myself above them. I will just be one more person trying my best to follow God and use my gifts to His glory. One more girl trying to love and be loved. Sometimes I won’t succeed, but, oh, sometimes I will. And that hope is worth holding on to, no matter how many times my heart breaks. Praise be to the God who simultaneously humbles my pride and makes my scars lovely to behold.
POSTED BY KAYLA BERGER- I so feel this I am giving credit to Kayla for feeling my pain too.

March 18, 2019
by Roz

week 23- Soul

Today  people are so caught up in getting ‘likes’ and ‘views’ online that they neglected the elderly and the environment? Would it be that people had a deep sense of void because there were no social norms that promoted altruism and integrity?

In any of these cases, we can reflect on one main point: our level of happiness and satisfaction with life is not as high as it could be.  I have felt that sense of disconnect I just couldn’t figure how to fix it. When we blindly chase an ideal of happiness for ourselves, our society and our own happiness can become depleted as we pursue an image of happiness that society has decided for us.  (river of dreams)

But the truth is, we will never feel truly satisfied by fulfilling these prescribed images of happiness fed to us by popular media and social media.  If we want to find a sustained feeling of deep joy and meaning in our lives, we must change our lifestyles, even if they don’t reflect the values of those around us.

If everyone started to live with the intention to connect to their soul instead of their ego,  levels of joy, peace, and love would begin to increase. The good news is, when we disconnect from our egos and reconnect with our souls, we begin the ripple effect of a larger change.

People will begin to feel your intention and trust you more as you work on this – and you’ll be able to trust yourself more as you base your actions and decisions upon a soul foundation rather than allow your ego to drive you. This can greatly improve your success because you’ll be able to make better decisions quicker and thus you’ll be entrusted with more. When others feel you have everyone’s best interest at heart, they will see you as a leader who inspires others to work with the same ethic. You can become a person who positively impacts other lives through a warm hug, a good discussion, or a meaningful statement.

When we speak from our souls, it means we’ll speak with kindness, acceptance, and curiosity without judgement. We don’t need to seek external validation by allowing our egos to puff up our chests. Instead of using your energy trying to impress or defend yourself, use words that uplift everyone to feel welcome and loved. You’ll find that there is more energy between you and the people around you and it feels safer to open up. When we speak from the soul, we can communicate intuitively with the souls of others, rather than ego-to-ego. This deepens our ability to enjoy the moment and have more meaningful relationships. Move slowly, breathe slowly, and you’ll find your words will also be more measured and meaningful.

Assess Your Major Life Goals
If your goals are ego-based, you’ll only create more distance between the ego and the soul because your actions will only feed your ego.

Many happy people live rather unnoticed lives because they are focused on kindness and being a good person instead of recognition and prestige.

You can start by asking two things,

What does the world need?
What are my natural strengths and interests?

Our time is finite and we might as well live in love and not in fear.

When you’re more of your soul and less of your ego you’ll find you start smiling uncontrollably and people genuinely enjoy your company – you’ll enjoy your own company more, too. When you connect with your soul, especially if you haven’t taken time to do this before, you’ll find an unbreakable positivity and strength that no one, not even yourself, can take from you.

(parts taken from an article in daily life that reflects my soul)

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