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Bliss week 12 & 13 Generating happiness


I am happy when I give. Emerson law of give more get more. I am the one getting that feeling of happy.

This is the perfect season to do just that, I am holding doors for the person behind me, putting away shopping carts in the grocery store parking lots, smiling at the parking lot attendees with wishes of Merry Christmas. Hey this is fun.

I gave my famous Christmas Boubon cake to resients at my mom nursing home. I am going to choir sing-alongs, I am part of our Church’s Living Navity, we give that event to our community from December 20-24. On Christmas eve the most spectacular fireworks hit the sky as the choir sings. We are always amazed at the thousands of people in the audience. I give the gift of flashing cards and dmp readings to myself. I can feel myself smile as I flash those cards and the good feelings that wash over me…priceless. This season, simple happiness from me to you.

Todays happiness adventure is helping my daughter finish her shopping, fun yeah!

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