Think Locally, Grow Globally

Week #1 Back in the saddle again


I am looking after my parents. I love them so much.  My dad is 91 and mom is  89 years young.  To watch the aging process ravage my dad’s mind and body is heartbreaking, I watch my mother cry and look to the future with dread.

I remember a strong father who would let us jump off his shoulders into the deep water for hours. I am a ball of emotions, but different since the MKE experience.  I can be professional with the doctors and healthcare agencies, I look like I have it all under control.

And in some crazy way, I do.  I organize, I  plan and  I execute.   I am focused and make decisions for their care and lives, with statistical and financial data and include emotional need last. I am finding a way to keep them both, safe, comfortable and well fed and have the best care as we wind our way through this maze.

Last year, my emotions were not under control, today they are, so my world without is better and making the lives of my parents better.

Thank you and looking forward to another layer of growth.

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