Think Locally, Grow Globally

September 5, 2016
by Roz

Back to reality

The Master Key Live Event 2016 is over, I am home for one month now,  I close my eyes and I can smell the ocean, feel the wind and hear the roar of the waves crashing on Polihale beach.  I remember my classmates that took the helicopter ride (with the doors off) with me, we are all afraid of heights but we did it, the snorkeling, hiking , exploring the island of Kauai and  that catamaran ride  on the Southern Star friendships grew from facing challenges and overcoming them. I still savour those days and it fills  me with graitude for having friends all over the world that think like I do, that know the key to living your dreams.

Now at home, I think differently , I observe the happenings in my life from a place of knowing , I look forward to talking to my mastermind group from the Master key course, they keep me grounded, vitalize in the way I now live my dreams.

I hear the negative comments from friends, family and  I hear  bits of  converstions in the street.”I hate mondays,  is it Friday yet, why can’t they just do what they are told.”

I say “good morning what a beautiful day”, the response,” but it will rain later day.” I now observe the negative response from a person totally unware of their tendency to see negative and react out of years of habit, maybe a kind of  automatic default mechanism.  I too have fallen into a negative response, but respond immediately  and  now I catch those words, I have the key and now I am on the road to mastering my emotions, thoughts changing my beliefs.

I started  this course in September 2015, and I had  a million excuses why I shouldn’t do the work, and living my life for the last 40 years wasn’t so bad or was it?  Who am I trying to kid?  I wanted better relationships with everyone in my life.  So why not do the work?

The couse was challenging to say the least, but it is the best thing I have ever done for myself.  The trip to Kauai Hawaii was the icing on a very special cake. The course opens once a year September 8, 2016 , hop on the waiting list, click the tab above named  Master Key and scroll down to MKE scholarship.


August 7, 2016
by Roz

Kauai Live Event

What a thrill to be in Kauai, this is my first time in Hawaii, and the beaches, mountain views are just breath taking, but  the moments that took my breath away were in class at the Master Key Live Event.

This experience is beyond anything I could have hoped for, it was challenging, emotional and filled my heart with a new level of compassion and wonder at my own growth in character. How did this happen?  The previous 26 weeks of assignments, reading and excercises, I thought I had changed, grown and  matured to a person I could look in the eye, when I read “gal in the glass” in front of my bathroom mirror.

But now I am present in my own life this very minute, connected to all nature, grateful just to sit on the beach and watch the waves roll in and really try to figure out how the Master Key Experience did it, was it the readings, the sits, the huge amount of encouragement and love I felt from the staff and other classmates from around the world.  How did they get me here?  I really can’t pin point just one thing, the whole experience together is greater than the small parts that make up the greatest gift I have  EVER given to myself.

Nothing and I mean nothing had such a  profound effect on me before, I am so grateful, and that word doesn’t even begin to describe the feeling of awe, I am completely astounded at the change and now as I read “Standing Tall” the book Mark J wrote, I get it, I  understand that making this big change in your life, lines you up to receive the 13 riches of life effortlessly.


Thank you, thank you, thank you




July 11, 2016
by Roz

Sandpaper People

My dad always said there are two kinds of people  in the world. Some people have ulcers and some people give them.

Sand paper people can cause so much friction in my life, unless I choose to be an observer and  carefully.choose my thoughts.

Stop take a deep breath “Will this matter in five years.”  Getting along with people who rub you the wrong way is difficult at best and sometimes peace is not easy to find.

That is only true if peace is dependent on outer circmstances. Sand paper people are addicted to the mini dramas played out  in their  daily lives.

Sand paper people arrange the mini dramas  in their lives to set themselves up for failure proving to everyone including their own hearts that what everyone believes about them is true- they are worthless.

Their temper tantrums and brooding silences all traps of their own making that will eventually imprison them in disappointment and defeat.  Have you ever noticed that sand paper people thrive on drama?  Everthing is a big deal!

Under the spotlight of opportunity, everything, no matter how insignificant it may seem escalates into a major crisis, distorting what is real.xLkx7wHu

Inner peace is choosing happiness over drama,  my desire to keep a relationship in tact, over my need to to be right, choosing not to have the last word, choosing to accept other ideas as different not wrong, choosing contentment and peace and simply living a life that just is everything I create it to be, because I am creative.   I can create havoc, anger and a big negative mess, or I can create peace, joy , laughter and harmony.

I have the power through my own thoughts, to  make up my mind just  how happy I am gonna  be. A series of small choices  I made every minute of every day, over the long term,  the last year,  the well thought out little wise choices is making a new beginning in this  beautiful dream called my life.

How do I know this you ask?  Well  I had a membership in the sand paper club. The Master Key Experience has taken me out of that club and given me a life in the harmony club, yes they are right, there is nothing like it!



June 13, 2016
by Roz

Heartfelt Support

I answered the zoom meeting email, shared my screen, with a red swollen face and I dared not blink, for fear the tears would flood my keyboard.  I could still hear the words in my head, “Mom,  I don’t  need you anymore.”

My Master key  peers, listened to my tale of woe,  they let me talk and helped me face my deepest fears, they reminded me that  I  already had the tools to handle the reality of going home to an empty house. They were there when I slipped a tiny bit, picked me up and set me on my feet again.

These are not friendships, these relationships  are a deeper connection, an  understanding not experienced outside the Master Key Experience. I cannot explain it, only it has chosen me and I am grateful.

carl shooting

March 19, 2016
by Roz

The Transformation


All I can say is thank you, some how that doesn’t begin to describe my gratitude for having the privledege to be part of the Master Key Experience.

I wanted to have something to do in my retirement that pumped me up everyday so I could live my life with purpose.  What I experienced here at the Master Key Experience was a mental brain surgery, that  I so desperately needed to wake me out of the fog of living a dull mediocre life.  I  had just conformed to what everybody else was doing and couldn’t figure out why I was so unhappy, sound familiar.  If so, jump at this  chance to change your life to an abundantly filled and fun loving adventure, that has you sitting on the edge of your seat, feeling alive for the first time in years.

Take the hero’s journey in your own life, dream, believe, become…