Think Locally, Grow Globally

March 17, 2020
by Roz

Week 20 – no fear here

The virus that is sweeping the world. The virus is called fear.

I hear stories of panic shopping, hoarding food, clearing out whole sections of the local super market. Leaving the elderly to shuffle down the aisles in disbelief. We are now opening grocery stores earlier just for the elderly to shop, so they will be safer from contracting the covid -19 virus and to buy needed grocery items. I ask myself why is the mob mentality running rampart.

I am sensible about following precautions, hand washing, social distancing, but I am more concerned with kindness , and pulling together to help my neighborhood.

We the gradutes of MKE know the change we seek in the midst of uncertainity. Believe the world is evolving as it should and we get to be local heroes in our on life. Lets shine!

December 20, 2019
by Roz

Bliss week 12 & 13 Generating happiness

I am happy when I give. Emerson law of give more get more. I am the one getting that feeling of happy.

This is the perfect season to do just that, I am holding doors for the person behind me, putting away shopping carts in the grocery store parking lots, smiling at the parking lot attendees with wishes of Merry Christmas. Hey this is fun.

I gave my famous Christmas Boubon cake to resients at my mom nursing home. I am going to choir sing-alongs, I am part of our Church’s Living Navity, we give that event to our community from December 20-24. On Christmas eve the most spectacular fireworks hit the sky as the choir sings. We are always amazed at the thousands of people in the audience. I give the gift of flashing cards and dmp readings to myself. I can feel myself smile as I flash those cards and the good feelings that wash over me…priceless. This season, simple happiness from me to you.

Todays happiness adventure is helping my daughter finish her shopping, fun yeah!

December 9, 2019
by Roz

Week 11 – Just breathe


My Dmp didn’t feel right. It wasn’ honestly me. It bothered me, I felt it was my life that I was living for someone else’s life. So I switched ppn’s and I feel good about the revisions, my guide must be scratching her head and wondering, but I am becoming a self-directed thinker and I think I will change things up and go with how I feel.

I am looking at the flurry of Christmas activity both at my mom’s nursing home, volunteer activities and in my own home, and wonder how to squish it all into the time left. The clock is ticking, but I don’t look at the clock and look at my compass so I choose to spend time with my mom , we take in the Christmas concerts, church teas and social bazars. I take the time to observe, the homeless man collecting change at the intersection, volunteering for the children’s charity, and decided these are my priorities. I remember OG , yet from childish swipes, the oak eventually tumble. So it be with my efforts of today. All will be done that comes from my heart and the reason for the season is not lost on me. I will hold this special feeling this season in my heart all year. Merry Christmas my MKE peeps.

November 9, 2019
by Roz

Week 7 I am love

How hard is it to love yourself? I thought I did, until someone I loved treated me with disrespect and I did nothing about that, I accepted that treatment because in my core my peptides were screaming to say nothing. At that time in my life, others judgments of me were saying you are less so you should settle for less.

I realize I am not perfect, but I do have traits that I love about me. I now know I can suppress not so likeable traits and polish my good traits, just by what I allow past my conscious mind. The guardsman at the gate, so how do I help the ever vigilant guardsman? I turn off that darn tv, that slickly tells me about all that I lack, so I will buy more stuff to feed those ever screaming peptides, so that I can feel worthy, be a hero in my own life.

We know the authentic me giving my best to the world is the true hero’s journey, not the phunkin river of dreams.

So as Eleanor Roosevelt said,” No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.”

I will not be giving my permission!

October 27, 2019
by Roz

Week 5 I have no opinion

Our lives are full of interruptions. It is like cracking rocks or is that cement.

Traffic, a sick child, a financial surprise, a long line up, a needy neighbor, a co-worker in crisis, unfaithfulness, divorce, illness, politics, and death.

Interruptions can be appointments for compassion. This is my moment to remind myself to slow down, observe the beauty of this crazy life and savor the love all around me.

I call the upholsterer to recover the cushions from my couch my dog has eaten, check in with my mom and rush out the door to help my stranded daughter, phone my tribe, rearrange my hectic schedule to chauffeur my older children to buy a new car all in 2 days.

Do I have an opinion? Nope. Do I judge? Nope.

I was simply reminded of the love all around me when my future son-law said: ” I have a hard time asking for help, and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate what you did for me, thank you.” My eyes brimming with tears, I say you are welcome.

So many opportunities to love people and for you to be loved and feel love.

Life will be a series of interruptions if you choose to look at it that way, or you can know more loves come to you when you give more time, help and love to others first.