Think Locally, Grow Globally

October 15, 2017
by Roz

Searching for the Source of the Sun

 The solar plexus,  located behind my diagram is likened to the sun of the body it is distributing energy which the body is constantly generating,  I read that over and over again,  and find it fascinating. As I ponder this I become aware of the cd in my car, I have been playing this particular one for months straight,  on my drive to and from work. But today I hear the lyrics loud and clear

” In my plan to be myself, I became someone else,

Dreaming dreams I hardly know,

Looking through the snow,

For the path to the place that I’d come from

I am searching for the source of the sun.”

Today, I sing  those words with new meaning, I see the red pencil syndrome of becoming someone else, following other people dreams and my search to find the sun and the young girl (the path I come from)

Completely blew my mind, and this inexplicable thing happened out of nowhere. Then  I remember as I sit perfectly still, and think, what creeps into my sleeping subconscious, later at the hospital visiting my Dad I am picking him up a magazine at the little shop and on the counter, a small charm lays there in my line of sight  that  reads “Be still and know…” Psalm 46:10, I am mesmerized

Have I found the source of the sun? My mind is buzzing with energy and a strange sense of synchronicity. This MKE is a wild ride. Crack off another piece of cement.

October 7, 2017
by Roz


This weekend is Thanksgiving here in Canada.

What am I thankful for, I am tearfully thankful my Dad is improving in hospital.

I am thankful for the splendor of the fall colors, I have found two places that take my breath away, the brilliant red mixed with orange, I just stand and stare, pause and reflect, how lucky am I to live here in Sudbury.

This week has been about the pause, observe and reflect.

I now know I can attach any feeling I want to any situation I am confronted with, I choose.

I have felt frustration earlier in the week as my 89-year-old Mom refuses to wear her hearing aids because she is not deaf. I have felt bewildered at the reams of red tape surrounding my Dad’s care in hospital and the co-payments attached to that care.

So today as I prepare Thanksgiving dinner, and bring it to my Mom and then to the hospital to share with my Dad(pumpkin pie too).   I am thankful for the pie left on my doorstep by my real estate agent, thankful for my sister coming into town to help with my parents care, thankful for her purchasing very blingy headphones that my Mom wants to wear, thankful that my Mom will be part of the conversation, thankful for the excellent care my father is receiving, thankful for sharing the love and memories with my Dad today, thankful, thankful, thankful.

Happy thanksgiving Canada



September 29, 2017
by Roz

Back in the saddle again

I am looking after my parents. I love them so much.  My dad is 91 and mom is  89 years young.  To watch the aging process ravage my dad’s mind and body is heartbreaking, I watch my mother cry and look to the future with dread.

I remember a strong father who would let us jump off his shoulders into the deep water for hours. I am a ball of emotions, but different since the MKE experience.  I can be professional with the doctors and healthcare agencies, I look like I have it all under control.

And in some crazy way, I do.  I organize, I  plan and  I execute.   I am focused and make decisions for their care and lives, with statistical and financial data and include emotional need last. I am finding a way to keep them both, safe, comfortable and well fed and have the best care as we wind our way through this maze.

Last year, my emotions were not under control, today they are, so my world without is better and making the lives of my parents better.

Thank you and looking forward to another layer of growth.

September 5, 2016
by Roz

Back to reality

The Master Key Live Event 2016 is over, I am home for one month now,  I close my eyes and I can smell the ocean, feel the wind and hear the roar of the waves crashing on Polihale beach.  I remember my classmates that took the helicopter ride (with the doors off) with me, we are all afraid of heights but we did it, the snorkeling, hiking , exploring the island of Kauai and  that catamaran ride  on the Southern Star friendships grew from facing challenges and overcoming them. I still savour those days and it fills  me with graitude for having friends all over the world that think like I do, that know the key to living your dreams.

Now at home, I think differently , I observe the happenings in my life from a place of knowing , I look forward to talking to my mastermind group from the Master key course, they keep me grounded, vitalize in the way I now live my dreams.

I hear the negative comments from friends, family and  I hear  bits of  converstions in the street.”I hate mondays,  is it Friday yet, why can’t they just do what they are told.”

I say “good morning what a beautiful day”, the response,” but it will rain later day.” I now observe the negative response from a person totally unware of their tendency to see negative and react out of years of habit, maybe a kind of  automatic default mechanism.  I too have fallen into a negative response, but respond immediately  and  now I catch those words, I have the key and now I am on the road to mastering my emotions, thoughts changing my beliefs.

I started  this course in September 2015, and I had  a million excuses why I shouldn’t do the work, and living my life for the last 40 years wasn’t so bad or was it?  Who am I trying to kid?  I wanted better relationships with everyone in my life.  So why not do the work?

The couse was challenging to say the least, but it is the best thing I have ever done for myself.  The trip to Kauai Hawaii was the icing on a very special cake. The course opens once a year September 8, 2016 , hop on the waiting list, click the tab above named  Master Key and scroll down to MKE scholarship.


August 7, 2016
by Roz

Kauai Live Event

What a thrill to be in Kauai, this is my first time in Hawaii, and the beaches, mountain views are just breath taking, but  the moments that took my breath away were in class at the Master Key Live Event.

This experience is beyond anything I could have hoped for, it was challenging, emotional and filled my heart with a new level of compassion and wonder at my own growth in character. How did this happen?  The previous 26 weeks of assignments, reading and excercises, I thought I had changed, grown and  matured to a person I could look in the eye, when I read “gal in the glass” in front of my bathroom mirror.

But now I am present in my own life this very minute, connected to all nature, grateful just to sit on the beach and watch the waves roll in and really try to figure out how the Master Key Experience did it, was it the readings, the sits, the huge amount of encouragement and love I felt from the staff and other classmates from around the world.  How did they get me here?  I really can’t pin point just one thing, the whole experience together is greater than the small parts that make up the greatest gift I have  EVER given to myself.

Nothing and I mean nothing had such a  profound effect on me before, I am so grateful, and that word doesn’t even begin to describe the feeling of awe, I am completely astounded at the change and now as I read “Standing Tall” the book Mark J wrote, I get it, I  understand that making this big change in your life, lines you up to receive the 13 riches of life effortlessly.


Thank you, thank you, thank you